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This weblog runs in tandem with an email-based seminar and discussion list and a wiki web collaboration platform which is the best place to start

Took me awhile, but here I am. Bob Ambrogi, Rockport, MA.
Robert Ambrogi | 11/19/2002 01:35:00 PM   >> Post a comment >>   |

So far Stuart, Bob and John have signed in. If you do sign in to participate in the Network-Lawyers collaboration here, please send to Stuart, Bob, Jerry and John an email to let us know you droped by and signed in. Thanks, John (John DeBruyn, Denver, CO)
netLed | 11/18/2002 10:44:00 AM   >> Post a comment >>   |

I am in. Stuart Levine, Baltimore MD
Stuart Levine | 11/12/2002 04:15:00 PM   >> Post a comment >>   |

Bob Ambrogi pointed me to the appellate blog at where I found a very informative coverage of appeals and appeallate court news with links to articles and other resources on the Web. The bLog space at blogspot is free for the asking so .....

netLed | 11/12/2002 04:14:00 PM   >> Post a comment >>   |

  Join in the collaboration

netLs is an experimental bLog run in tandem with Network-Laywers an email and Web-based discussion group for lawyers and allied professionals dealing with the internet, technology and the law. Home base is at which is where you may subscribe to the discussion group.

This will be a true collaboration open to all subscribers. We can figure out the rules later, but in the mean time add yourself as a member of the netLs team. First get your NetLs weblog password << click me

Then, after you receive your password by email, go to and sign in using:
  • the password that came to you by email; and

  • netled as your ID.

Add yourself as a team member and/or administrator if you are willing to help others in maintaining netLs. (That is the shared administrative ID and password which we may need to ditch once we get organized and a sufficient number of team members to handle adding team members and such.)

JohnDeBruyn ( November 12, 2002

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netLed | 11/12/2002 02:53:00 PM   >> Post a comment >>   |

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