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  JuraWiki collaboration platform and Google's translation tool

John DeBruyn reports on his recent visit to JuraWiki. JuraWiki is a truly innovative collaboration platform for lawyers written in the German language about legal matters and law practice.

Using the Google translation tool John was able to read a rough German to English translation of all that is underway at JuraWiki. The lawyers in Germany, especially those at JuraWiki, are moving ahead of their counterparts in the United States in making the most of the read, create and edit page functionality of a wiki collaboration platform.

John established a beach-head for the NetworkLawyers discussion group in the European Union with a NetworkLawyers page at JuraWiki in English. Rainer Langenhan translated that in to a NetworkLawyersGerman page. Hopefully these pages about the NetworkLawyers discussion group will result in more lawyers from Germany and elsewhere joining in the discussion.

You may navigate the JuraWiki site using the Google translation tool starting with the JuraWikiTour page. You can move from page to page with the translation tool left on. This will give you some idea--from reading the rough German to English translation--of all that is going on at JuraWiki. Thanks to Ralf Zosel, JuraWiki's founder, who us gave permission to create English language pages at JuraWiki.
John | 7/30/2003 02:12:00 PM   >> Post a comment >>   |

  Network-Lawyers discussion reaches out to European Union

Network-Lawyers discussion group welcomes European Union lawyer, George Giagkoudakis, who practices law in Kavala, on the coast of eastern Macedonia, Greece. George joins one other EU lawyer who actively particpates in the Network-Lawyers discussion group, Rainer Langenhan of Nieder-Olm, Germany. Rainer maintains a legal, German-language weblog Handakte WebLAWg and George maintains a web site for his law practice at GeoCities with a page about himself in English.
John | 7/30/2003 11:45:00 AM   >> Post a comment >>   |

  How to Copy Text from PDF Documents

A helpful PDF file on the New Jersey Attoney General's site on how to copy text from a PDF file to another application. Simple, easy to follow illustrations and instructions. This is really great for those online opinons that Courts are prone to lodge in PDF files.

A tip: What I found to be helpful was to first engage the little hand on the PDF tool bar and then move on to the steps beginning with the text select button on the button bar.
John | 7/29/2003 03:17:00 PM   >> Post a comment >>   |

  InfoGrid site for Internet Research

A Grid-Lock on Internet Research: Tom Mighell observes in this week's issue of his internet legal research newsletter ... Every now and again, he likes to visit one of the many meta-search tools available on the Internet, to show his readers new and different ways of finding what they need. ... InfoGrid is an awfully busy place to visit. But if you're patient, you can find some really great resources.
John | 7/27/2003 03:46:00 PM   >> Post a comment >>   |

  Easy remote hosting for audio on Web sites

Consider how you might use audio "spots" on your web pages, email or web log. Glenn Garnes has jumped in with both feet and will be promoting all manner of uses of audio by law firms and lawyers online. Listen to an audio postcard that Glenn sent to me to help explain the potential of this medium and if you want to know more about the audio hosting service that Glenn is using follow the links on the audio postcard.
John | 7/27/2003 11:21:00 AM   >> Post a comment >>   |

  Wiki collaboration platform in the current news, magazines and other periodicals

This Google News search brings up about two dozen recent articles in newspapers, magazines and other periodicals on the wiki collaboration platform, how easy it is to use, et cetera, et cetera and so forth.

John | 7/21/2003 09:25:00 PM   >> Post a comment >>   |

  Wiki collaboration platform featured on National Public Radio

All Things Considered audio of program segment about Wikis, what Jerry Lawson dubbed wiki collaboration platform, was sumarized on the NPR site as follows:

It might sound a little crazy, letting just anyone write whatever they want on your Web site. But that's just what Wikis are designed for, for example, lets the public collaborate to build a surprisingly accurate encyclopedia. Commentator David Weinberger says wikis are one example of 'social software,' intended to allow people to work together with ease.

Network-Lawyers has its own wiki collaboration platform at and let me suggest that you start with the SandBox page where you may take the wiki full-page editor for a test drive.

John | 7/21/2003 07:32:00 PM   >> Post a comment >>   |

  Google <-> Blog Conspiracy

Jerry Lawson backs John DeBruyn's bet that should Google create a separate Google-News-like aggregation for weblogs--Google will not eliminate them, as one web pundit speculated a few months ago, from Google's general search of the Web. Jerry explains the background to this mini-controversy is that large businesses mistakenly assume that they have a God-given right to appear at the top of search engine listings. (This message of Jerry's did not make it over to Gmane for some unexplained reason.)
John | 7/20/2003 11:29:00 AM   >> Post a comment >>   |

  "Blog It," Newsaggregators and Google is watching

Several comments, tips, and warnings from Jeff Beard following up on the "Blog-It" discussions in Network-Lawyers. Jeff reports that he recently searched for and tried many of the newer, graphical Newsreaders (some are called newsaggregators) that let you divide up the window into viewing panes. Of all of them, he liked Newzcrawler as the most full-featured and the most stable, quite surprising for a beta release.

Jeff particularly likes the 'Blog this' feature which works with a number of blogging apps, including Movable Type. Newscrawler is only $25. His discussion includes a warning about Newzcrawler's lack of a pedigree for those who may be concerned about international transactions with unknow parties in Russia.

There is also a warning about the Google tool bar--with the "Blog It" with Blogspot feature--watching where you do your Web surfing plus the word from Jeff on another Newsagreegator--called FeedDemon--which Tom Mighell and Dennis Kennedy are using. Jeff's message with all this is at Gmane.

John | 7/18/2003 04:42:00 PM   >> Post a comment >>   |

  Gmane -- Google's "blog this" and Blogger

Late breaking news about integrating messages from Network-Lawyers into the netLs blog (you are reading the blog now :) to messages in the message archives at Gmane like this one: Google's "blog this" and Blogger about the Google Tool bar feature that Bob just mentioned for the posting of a web page link.

As explaned in the previous article here the "blog this" feature works with web pages in general and, since the messages in the Gmane archives are web pages with a uninque URL it is no problem to do as I am doing here to create a posting to the netLs weblog via the "blog this" button on the Google tool bar. There's more about this in the Network-Lawyers Gmane archive in the message correponding to this weblog article--which is another edited example of publishing of a segment of text from a Web page plus a link to that Web page using the "blog this" feature.
John | 7/18/2003 11:39:00 AM   >> Post a comment >>   |

  Google Toolbar includes "blog this" feature

Look ma no hands. Well, almost with the Google Toolbar 2.0 BETA I created this article by clicking on "BlogThis!" while I was viewing the Web page at Google Toolbar 2.0 BETA. The "blog this" feature grabs the URL to the web page you're visiting and, if you select text on the page, that text also appears in the blog article that you are creating.

To enable the BlogThis! button, access the Options page from the toolbar's Google pull-down menu. You must have a blog already set up to take advantage of this feature. To create a free blog using Google's Blogger service, visit The foregoing is an edited example of what you could create using the "BlogThis!" feature of the Google Tool bar to grab a selected portion of a Web page as well as the URL for the page.
John | 7/18/2003 10:45:00 AM   >> Post a comment >>   |

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