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  Eric Heels, Rich Klau of Today

StudentLawTech forum is the name of the email discussion list for law students on the topic of law and technology. Rich Klau and Eric Heels founded the discussion in 1994 while they were law students at the Universities of Richmond and Maine. Eric and Rich were famous in the fledgling online community of lawyers back then for the mega FAQ on legal resources on the internet that they published.

The Eric and Rich's of today are into blogging in a big way. We have started a page on StudentLawBlogs at the Network-Lawyers wiki to keep up with developments on that front. Hopefully the reincarnation of the StudentLawTech forum will gain a following from among the student bloggers and others interested in the law, technology and the internet.

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  eLawyer Blog: Legal Information vs. Legal Advice

eLawyer Blog: Legal Information vs. Legal Advice has lots of good leads for lawyers who want to make the most of their public service/marketing program by effectively communicating with the public. Seems to this observor that the provision of high quality, plain-English information to the public coincident with a lawyer's area of practice is a win/win proposition for both the public and the lawyer who puts his or her mind and energy to the task.

The boosters of the eLawyering project and others who have been running with this ball need to get more lawyers into the game--here are a few ideas: (1) incubate an online study group, (2) present an online CLE course and/or (3) consider other ways for lawyers who-are-with-this-program to do some LegalInformationNetwork|ing.
John | 8/12/2003 07:52:00 AM   >> Post a comment >>   | for law school applicants, students & grads

A law student, Marshall Camp, now recent grad's, weblog is still going strong with coverage of the law school and legal scene of interest to lawyers and law students alike. Billed as a community for law school applicants, students & grads, the site features a list of other law student weblogs, school-specific discussion groups (about which I am going to find out more) and many other links of interest to law and pre-law students.

I also plan to explore other law student weblogs with a view to re-kindling law student participation in the Network-Lawyers discussion group. I recall Eric Heels and Rich Klau, back when the Net-Lawyers started up, had their own law student discussion group as well something like LawStudentTech hosted on the list server at Cornell Law School.
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  Two Blogs Under Development

Are blogs a good investment? Draw what lessons you will from my experience: After having had one in operations since January 1, I've found enough value to start two more:

  1. will deal with substantive law and practical concerns of interest to lawyers working for federal agencies.

  2. will raise awareness of how lawyers can use technology, especially the Internet, to better provide legal services to Americans of moderate to low income. It will expand on some of the work done by the ABA's eLawyering project, and the work of British lawyer/tech guru Richard Susskind. My review of Susskind's presentation at Legal Tech New York and his ideas on "The Latent Legal Market" illustrate where Susskind is coming from, but the best place to get the full effect is in his book, Transforming the Law.
I'm planning on sort of a "rolling start" for each blog, upgrading the templates and adding links on a continuing basis.

Both are Movable Type blogs, operated in different directories on the same server, off the same installation of Movable Type. I'm renting very inexpensive server space from, with no problems so far. I may move my Netlawblog site there as well. The Movable Type platform has some strengths I better appreciate after having used Radio and Blogger.

Blogging in general has strengths that most people have not yet grasped. Some of the benefits are discussed in Internet Roundtable 36, a panel discussion with Ernie Svenson, Tom Mighell, Dennis Kennedy, Brenda Howard and yours truly.

Another article useful article is Legal and Appellate Weblogs: What They Are, Why You Should Read Them, and Why You Should Consider Starting Your Own, by Gary O’Connor (Statutory Construction Zone) and Stephanie Tai (blueblanketblog). In addition to blueblanketblog, Ms. Tai is an organizer of Blawg Review, a superior team blog.
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  netLs follows German lead

Sprechen Sie Deutsch? No, but there is an accommodation using the Google translation tool that was recently impliement at the German language Handakte WebLAWg of Rainer Langenhan and at another popular German legal site, JuraWiki with the co-operation of Jura's founder, Ralf Zosel.

We have now done the same here going the other direction, English to German, with the link featuring a little map of Germany and the words Deutsche Version via Google Übersetzung on the NetLs weblog page.

An invitation has been issued to the speakers of French, Spanish, Italian and Portugese to join in the collaboration to create similar tours at JuraWiki from German into their own languages. We are working on a multi-lingual link with six little flag icons--one to engage each of the six languages available currently using the Google translation.

If you would like to can read more about this MultiLingualCollaboration, comment and/or join in this collaboration go to the Network-Lawyers' wiki.

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