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  Searching the Web of Yore

The Internet Archive's Wayback Machine has indexed and made 11 billion pages of its 30 plus billion pages searchable. Thanks to Tom Mighell of Internet Legal Research Weekly for his weblog article about this development.

The search engine, created by Anna Patterson, has a novel interface that shows hits over time and also categories and topic related to the search. Anna's prepared series of slides that describe how this nifty interface works. It took me a while to find where I could download the free Power Point viewer. Having done that I then discovered--until I learn more about Power Point viewer--that one just clicks on a slide to advance to the next.

Modern entymologists should love this. For example, the incidence of the phrase "world wide web" is declining while the incidence of the words weblog and blog are taking off. Entymologists will grove on the transformation of world wide web to web and of weblog to blog. I think the rate of such changes in word forms is accellerating. Although the results are interesting, I don't know the extent to which the results may be skewed because the archive does not have all pages for all time and, may be more significantly, because the index, at this point, includes only about a third of the pages in the archive.

And I almost forgot, the link to Anna's search engine at the Internet Archives Wayback Machine.
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  Network-Lawyers Online Seminars

Network-Lawyers discussion list has scheduled two, week-long online seminars on useful web-based collaboration tools. The seminars feature Steve Yost, the creator, developer and provider, of QuickTopic and QuickDocumentReview as guest speaker.

Steve will be joined in the Network-Lawyers by a panel of experts on email and web-based collaboration and community-building for a lively, informative seminar discussion program for legal professionals on:

QuickTopic, a handy, easy to use web discussion space, where messages may be exchange via browser and/or email, which is scheduled for the week of September 22 thru 26; and

QuickDocumentReview, an equally useful and easy to use tool for reviewing and exchanging comments on documents which is scheduled for the week of October 6 through 10.

The seminar discussion will be open for questions from participants to the speaker and panel all during the week. The term "seminar" was chosen to encourage all the "attendees" to take an active roles in the discussion as the speaker and panel work there way through the seminar agenda. There will, as part of each program, be a hands on demonstration by Steve and the panel of Steve's collaboration tools.

There is no charge for registration or participation in these seminars. Additional information about these programs including the agenda, the panel of experts and how you may participate is on the web page with the Seminar Schedule.

The Network-Lawyers is a continuation of the discussion list founded by Lew Rose in 1994 for lawyers, law students, law professors, legal assistants and other legal professionals on legal technology with, as Lew put it, an emphasis on the internet. Network-Lawyers continues between seminars to function as an ongoing, spontaneous discussion for legal professionals about technology, the internet and related legal topics.
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