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  Mighell spots, Gov Track, a super tracker

Tom Mighell's weekly e-newsletter points us to GovTrack, a very useful web resource -- a blog plus you might say, with a great deal of useful information about pending federal legislation. Like Tom says about his e-newsletter, GovTrack is free! Follow these links to learn more about GovTrack:

2005-01-28. There was a short New York Times article in yesterday's Circuits section about GovTrack, and as a result the number of registered users on the site has topped 1,000! View this item at Gov Track.

2005-01-22. Now that GovTrack is pretty much functionally complete, I'm [Joshua Tauberer, GovTrack's creator is] shifting my focus to how websites with similar goals as GovTrack can share data, collaborate, and generally benefit from each other. View this item at Gov Track.

Perhaps the bloggers and webmasters among us can learn how to maximize RSS and other inter-web stratagies for collaboration between sites from what GovTrack has done and will be doing with other sites to share data and otherwise cooperate.

From Tom's e-newsletter: does a couple of things. First, you'll be able to track federal legislation, as well as just about anything happening on Capitol Hill, and you can set up an RSS feed to monitor your searches. You can also track what other people think of legislation and other government matters, by monitoring the entries of bloggers. A great use of weblog and RSS technology to help individuals in their legal research.

To subscribe to Tom's excellent e-newsletter, Internet Legal Research Weekly, just visit to sign up. John

P.S. I am energized with the prospect of doing one of our gala, week-long seminars on the topic of RSS and other forms of collaboration between blogs and web sites. Drop me a note if you would be willing to assist. Perhaps we can get Joshua of GovTrack fame to join us. More about Joshua and all that he is doing at J.
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  Online Dispute Resolution Competitions

The Fourth Annual International Competitions in Online Dispute Resolution(ICODR) will be held beginning in February, 2005.

Negotiation * Mediation * Arbitration * Litigation

The competitions in online dispute resolution involve students from law schools all around the world.


The sponsors are accepting applications for experienced practitioners and academicians to serve as online evaluators. The various programs and related links are listed below.

Visit online evaluators registration to indicate your interest in serving as an evaluator this year. If for any reason that link does not work for you send an email to either Alan Gaitenby or Ben Davis.

The Negotiation competition will be held in two rounds in February 2005. The Harvard Program on Negotiation provided the problems for the online negotiation.

The Mediation competition will be held in two rounds in February 2005. The World Intellectual Property Organization Arbitration and Mediation Center provided the problems for the online mediation.

The Arbitration competition will be held over two months in February and March 2005. The International Chamber of Commerce Institute of World Business Law provided the problems for the online arbitration.

A prototype Litigation competition, new for this year, will be held from February through mid-April 2005. The International Chamber of Commerce Institute of World Business Law provided the problems for the online litigation.

WestWorkspace/eRooms Technology has accepted to be the platform for the ICODR 2005 competitions. Visit previous competition to explore this platform as it was deployed for prior competitons. (To sign in use: Username: observer2004 and Password: observer2004 If prompted click on browser only.)

For further information please contact the ICODR organizers: Alan Gaitenby or Ben Davis.

The Center and the University of Massachusetts is proud to sponsor ICODR in conjunction with the University of Toledo College of Law, Hamline University School of Law, and
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