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  Blogger move over: Google buys wiki service with blogs and more

Google buys JotSpot which provides free wiki (read/write collaboration web platform) hosting services with a large number of applications (modules) that add blogs, email list servers, spreadsheets and other features to the web site which is given a distinctive URL like

Like Google's acquisition of several years ago the premium services which were available at additional charge will be avilable some time after the acquisition for free. Among other premium services, a JotSpot wiki could be assigned to your own web domain address.

For the time being JotSpot is not accepting new accounts. However, you can log on to the site, edit pages, create pages, see all of the applications that can be added and get a feel for what this wiki that Google has acquired will be doing for their portfolio of web based applications. Perhaps JotSpot will become the web infrastructure for building an entire full featured web site around your blog, a wiki or what ever combination of Google applications suit your fancy.

Send me an email with just a bit about yourself if you would like administrator access to tack a good look behind the scenes. If you have been active as a participant in Network-Lawyers -- that was a few years ago -- just say that.


P.S. As an example of what can be done with the pages at JotSpot (in addition to on the fly editing from you browser) here is a list of tools available for each page:

* Printable version
* Import Word document
* Import Excel document
* Email this page
* Export wiki as XML
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